Friday, June 09, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-No Pictures For You!.. 

Yep...Just like that fortune cookie says, NO PICTURES FOR YOU! Nope, no way...I'm done with the Photoblogging...Forever. Seriously, shoo! Go! Nothing to see here!..

Oh, ok, fine. You want the little pictures? I give you little pictures. Hell, I'll even give you a THEME! The theme: "People that I have worked with." Happy? Good...here we go.
click them and make them HUGE!

It's Tomo The Mofo!
Aww, shit! It's a ToMo the Mofo sighting! Tony worked with us for a while and, as this here wanted poster suggests, for some reason, he took great pleasure in molesting the plush toys which I used to keep at my desk. No, I'm not kidding...MO-LEST-ED...Anyhow, after I posted this around the agency, the plushy attacks slowed down for the most part. They didn't STOP, mind you, but it sure slowed him down a bit...

It's Tomo The Mofo!..Again!
This here is a caricature of that same Tony which I did for a card which everybody signed congratulating him for gettin' hitched...I kind of feel bad for the way I portrayed him in this cartoon: I shouldn't have been so flattering...Ah well, live and learn, right?..

Scott gets a bit cranky when he hasn't had his nap
Ah, here's someone that STILL works at the agency. As you can well imagine, this is "Surly Scott," who gets a bit cranky if he hasn't had his nap. Ok, fine: truth be told, I really don't know how I got lucky enough to snap this shot, the guy is usually smiling...You gotta act fast sometimes and, dammit, I did...

Nicole was just cranky ALL the time...
Ah, but you want to speak about SURLY...Unbridled anger, thy name is Nicole. Nicole worked with us in the art department for a while a couple years back...Hell, you could SO CONSISTENTLY count on her to be angry (and mean!) that before she left, I was able to record her "performing" her "stock epithets" and turn it into a (very angry) techno dance mix...What, you think I'm KIDDING about such things? You wanna LISTEN to that remix? Here you go:
click here for the sounds, baby!

Collin is either tired or gettin' all misty and sentimental
Ah, but enough of the angry, surly employees...Here's a very placid Collin, possibly reminiscing about...Something...Or maybe he's just drifting off to sleep...The big, autographed Alan Jackson poster would do that to people..."You are under my country music spell...sleep...sleeeeeeep."

Collin saves me from certain doom!
Ha HA! Of course, who can forget the time when Collin saved me from certain doom at the hands of random Japanese robots! Ah, good times...

Anyhow, there you go: yet another half-assed photoblog cobbled together with (digital) spit and (digital) baling wire. You all have a fine weekend and, as always, thanks for stopping by...

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