Friday, September 01, 2006

Freak Train Video Friday: First Effort At Being "Funny"... 

Lo, it is Friday and all is good. Ooh, also: it's the beginning of one of those "holiday" weekends, what with that "Labor Day" thing happening on Monday. Anyhow, just as I promised earlier in the week, I shall now display to you my fledgling effort at being "funny" on stage...It's not the whole act but...Well, I cut some out because I said some things that certain people might not be able to understand as "jokes" (and I don't mean I was racist, I called some people "assholes") but the rest...well, it's in there. I'd apologize for the first two minutes of the video, but I think the final two should more than make up for them. Anyhow, enjoy:
Hey: if you're like "under 18" or you're like..."my mom," don't watch the video. I "curse" AND "swear" in it. Thank you.

So there's that. I hope you all have a fine weekend now...Oh, and if you're wondering what the whole Pat Angello in a dress thing is about, go here and scroll down a few and find the one that says he's in a dress.

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