Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Things To Try Before You Die - Get On Board, Freaks!.. 

So yeah...Everyone should have a list of things that they have to do before they die. This doesn't have to be any sort of standard list, it should be tailored to your individual desires. In fact, this imaginary "list" should push you outside of your personal "comfort zone" now and then, otherwise what's the point, right? Among the items which I have on my list was "try doing standup comedy." Notice that I said was there. See, last night at the Bug Theatre in Denver, I participated in what is called Freak Train and did, in fact, do some standup comedy...

The best part is: people laughed.

Granted, Freak Train is pretty much the ultimate amateur hour. It happens at the Bug on the last Monday of every month and there's really no prerequisite to sign up for one of the 12 five-minute performer slots outside of being just nutty enough to do it (and be willing to part with five bucks). Due to this, the audience might be a bit more forgiving than, say, the audience at a comedy club but that also makes Freak Train the best possible place to give something new a shot. I'd known about the Train for some time now since our old buddy Pat Angello is a regular performer and had been encouraging both Collin and myself to give it a try. Long story short, as you now know, I finally did try it...

And now, I LOVE Freak Train!..

Just as a sidenote, my "performance" was recorded via the magics that are my new video camera so I will most likely post some (if not all) of my 5 minutes of fame right here come Friday morning...

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