Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So Whatcha Been Doin' The Last Few Days?.. 

So really, there's nothing like a weekend recap post that's so much a day late that it can include what I did on Monday...No, really. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE IT. of course, that's not to say that the "it" in question is any good. It's just mostly unique. Anyway, enough of my not making sense, let's get on wif' 'de bidness, shall we?

A PARTY!? I Never...Oh, wait...
So we got invited to ANOTHER Halloween party (suddenly, we's popular) by the CopyGodd which occured (I assume) this past Saturday. While I really appreciated the invite, sadly, we were not able to attend. The reason being was that my wife was playing in a women's hockey tournament with a team called the Pucking Witches and I, being the nice fella' that I am, was there to support her...Her team had to play 4 games in the span of about 27 hours so, needless to say, she was pretty well beat by Saturday night. Additionally, I have the dubious distinction of being the "official announcer" for this tournament's championship rounds so I was up early on Sunday to get things rockin' and rollin' at the rink (which, by the way, has HORRIBLE accoustics). I have to say, though, that this may be the last year which I find it feasible to associate myself with this particular tournament, but that's a story for another time...

Did I mention that I hate Phil Simms?..
So after I was done doing all of what I was doing at the Ice Hall, I came home with the intention of watching the Denver Broncos handle the Stinkin' Colts and send them home unceremoniously with a loss on their record. Sadly, partly due to a completely bullshit review and subsequent overturn by the officials, Indianapolis hung in the game and ended up winning on a last second field goal. Now, I can be pissed at Darrent Williams for not being able to cover shit, let alone Reggie Wayne. I can also be pissed at Peyton Manning for playing what my dad likes to call "pussy football" but really, my anger is mostly directed at whomever at CBS thinks that it's a good idea to put Phil Fucking Simms on Broncos broadcasts as a color analyst...Seriously, this guy is the least professional asshole ex-player of all the unprofessional ex-player asshole color analysts oout there. It's obvious that Simms hates Denver, so why the HELL is he allowed to be a part of the broadcast team that covers Broncos games? Fuck you, CBS and fuck you, Phil Simms. You! Go to Hell!..

Get On Board, Freaks...
So yesterday was the last Monday of the month and, of course, that means Freak Train happened last night at the Bug Theatre in Denver. Since it was so close to the Halloweens, I had planned to do a little song and dance act dressed in a sheet (officially called the Spooky Singing Ghost) and, I have to say, even though I was not alone in the idea of singing, it all went good. Big thanks to Pat Angello for being my "cape man," even though he left the cape on the stage and ran off, Pee Wee Herman style (video proof of this incident shall be posted here on Friday)...My wife and my parents even showed up to watch me get all stupid last night and it was really nice to have them in the audience. At Freak Train, though, there's what they call "the 13th Freak" which is just a randomly selected number person through the door who has to perform a skit with some direction in addition to the 12 performers who signed up. My wife had a premonition that she might be said 13th Freak and damned if that didn't come true...She was none too happy about having to do it but, I have to say, she did a good job. Sadly, I didn't have the video camera handy to capture her brief stint on stage for posterity but hey, she did it...Way to go, Squatchy!

Neil's dressed as a giant chicken...A giant chicken with succulent BREAST MEATS!..
So yeah, it's Halloween and there's a costume contest going to happen here at the agency in about 20 minutes. There's a good selection of pirates this year and one half zorro, half samurai and a couple of vampiresses and stuff but yeah: Neil is dressed as a chicken (and a pretty convincing chicken at that)...I myself will NOT be reprising my role as "vodeedoo" which won me "spookiest costume" at Jen's party a couple weeks ago (mostly 'cause I hate putting on the makeup) so I just brought in the sheet costume I wore last night at the Bug. I'm not counting on winning anything, but stranger things have happened...Regardless, there'll be food...Hell, I brought donuts ('cause I didn't have time to bake cookies). Anyhow, thanks for stopping by today, you all have a great Halloween now...

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