Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Can We Save Social Security?.. 

So yesterday, here at work, I (and the rest of the fine folks who work here at "the agency") had to sit through one of those "mandatory" 401-k meetings. See, every so often we're required to attend these meetings so that, between hearing about the bank representative's thoroughly uninteresting personal life, we can be chastised for not saving enough (but I AM) and not contributing enough to our 401-k plans (but I AM). Yesterday's meeting was so on the side of boring, in fact, that I nearly fell asleep standing up. At one point, though, during the chatter, the bank rep started in on the horror stories about Social Security and how, when us younger folk are ready to begin taking said Social Security, it simply will not exist and, if we haven't been contributing to our 401-ks, we'll be SCREWED! Anyway, as the chick prattled on about how Social Security shall surely bankrupt and how we shall all be cast into a lake of fire, wailing, gnashing of teeth, etc., Collin turned to me and, essentially, said what the following fake ad says now:
clicky for bigger!
Kill Yourself...For the CHILDREN!
Yep, if you believe all of them financial people, that seems like the only way we can keep Social Security goin'...If you want your kid to have his or her benefits, you'll have to give up yours...The hard way...Something tells me not too many people will volunteer for this plan, though...Eh, either way, you all have a fine Tuesday...

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