Thursday, March 02, 2006

Illustration Friday on Thursday - More Tea, Sir?.. 

Hey, kids, welcome once again to that day which is NOT QUITE the really cool day which Friday is but that is so close to Friday's glory that it FEELS cool, basking in Friday's healthy glow, but not receiving the "acclaim" which it so yearns for. Of course I'm talkin' 'bout "Thursday" and, as such, I'm about to hit you all with (yet another) Illustration Friday offering. This week's theme was "tea," referencing a liquid which I have had absolutely no positive interaction with in my lifetime. Of course, while I personally harbor an intense dislike for all things "tea," I was not about to let such things prevent me from participating...See?
Click the picture, it gets bigger than...Well, than the guy on the right...
More tea, fatass?
So there you go, a completely ORIGINAL, made from frickin' scratch illustration for your Thursday viewing pleasure. Nothing recycled here! Ha ha! Yep, certain unnamed individuals cannot give me a "ration of shit" regarding my drawin' THIS week! No sir!..


Anyhow, you all have yourselves fine Thursdays, collectively...

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