Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Big (Ash) Audio Wednesday - Open WIDER!.. 

Ooh, it's Wednesday! Ash Wednesday, to be exact, the day that all you good Catholics go to get "stuff" smeared on your forehead. I'd like to say that today's audio entry is, in some way, in honor of this grand Catholic tradition, but it's not. No, today's audio entry is simply the audio entry which I had completed and ready to go for today and in no way reflects the day's serious religious significance. I should've done a follow-up to Rosary Ford or somethin'...

Oh well...

Anyway, today I have for you good people the second (of two, so far) in the Big Ass Hotdog franchise of audio entries. Admittedly, today's entry was just an excuse for me to do a couple of half-assed celebrity impressions...Regardless, here it comes:
click here for the sounds, baby!
So there you go...Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, wallowing in all the wonderful things that only giant, weinery bliss can bring...

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