Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Open Wide, Here It Comes... 

I don't think that there's been any sort of entry on my blog yet that was "awaited." The spoof radio commercial for Big Ass Hotdog, though, seems to be the exception to the rule. Perhaps it's all the buildup, or simply the fact that I'm actually tying together a fake print ad with a fake radio ad. No matter the reason for the (minor) clamoring to hear the Big Ass Hotdog radio spot, the wait is over. I now present to you, the fake radio commercial for the (just as fake) Big Ass Hotdog grand opening:
click here for the sounds, baby!
I was able to utilize Kathy, a freelancer at the agency I work at AND one of the original ValuHos, for the first female voice part and my wife, making her spoof audio debut, as the second. I am the other voices in the spot. Hope you enjoy it!

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