Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Big Audio Wednesday-UrnBay dot com... 

So I was reading a news report about some pack of ghoulish nutcases in New Jersey who have been doing what is commonly called "body harvesting" in that they've been hacking apart old and/or diseased corpses which have had the misfortune to come in to their respective network of funeral homes for "preparation" and, subsequently, have been selling off said "hacked-up" parts to be used in transplantation, passing off these substandard hunks o' human as "young" and/or "fresh" when they are usually anything but...Seriously, I dig cash money just as much as the next guy but c'mon: things don't get much more sick and twisted than that...Anyhow, like most things "sick and twisted," I was hoping that I could make a fun audio entry emerge out of all of the aforementioned gruesomeness (also: sorrow)...I really wasn't able to make it all come together, though, until last week while on IM with the (now legendary) Pat Angello...For reasons that are now lost to history (and my poor short-term memory), Mr. And-Jello utilized the "pig-latin" for the word "burn" (urn-bay) which, when I read it, made everything come together for me...As such, I have for you good people (yet another) Corpus Crispy Crematorium-themed fake radio advertisement...After all, why shouldn't everyone's favorite fictional funeral home cash in on the whole "pieces and parts for fun and profit" scene?..I now present (with fanfare, no less) the world premiere of urnbay.com:
click here for the sounds, baby!
So that's that...You all have a fine Wednesday now, free from body harvesters, crooked funeral directors and anyone else who would want to defile your sweet, sweet innards...

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