Tuesday, February 24, 2004

More Fun With Audio Content! 

right after I started this stupid little blog, I (repeatedly) verbally assaulted my friend and co-worker Collin, imploring him to start his own little blog, which, because he caves like...well...like a very caved-in thing, he finally frickin' did...

Score one for peer pressure...

Anyhow, in only his second entry at that blog of his, Collin hits us with what was the result of a conversation we had at work earlier that day about Corpus Christi school, a Catholic institution that another co-worker is thinking about enrolling his kid in...I had told Collin that Corpus Christi, in Latin, means 'body of Christ.' Being the thoughtful caver that he is, Collin ruminated on that stray fact for a while and, ultimately, he decided that 'Corpus Crispy' would be a phenomenal name for a crematorium. Hence that second entry I mentioned earlier. I figured that a great new business like that deserved it's own poorly produced radio commercial. Being that I have entirely too much time on my hands, I produced two...

Collin wanted it to be an upbeat, almost hard sell ad, like a car ad. Being the giving soul that I am, obviously I obliged:
click here for the sounds, baby!

Now, also because I am nothing if not contrary (also: giving), I envisioned a less upbeat commercial for Corpus Crispy, so I did that sumbitch up as well. Since you've been good this year, I'm giving you two audio entries in one (scandalous) post!
click here for the sounds, baby!

so there's that. Enjoy!

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