Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Big Audio Wednesday-What Happens When We Die?.. 

Way back when I started this weird little blogsitething, among the first things which I posted was a pair of audio entries for a fictional funeral home called Corpus Crispy Crematorium. These were based on a post that Collin had written which, to make a short story long, came about as part of a patented Collin "witty comment" which was uttered during a conversation here at work...

Anyhow, since last Wednesday featured the continuation of the (vaunted) ValuHo series, and since everything old is new again, I invite you to take a listen to the newest Corpus Crispy Crematorium fictional advertisment:

click here for the sounds, baby!

As per usual, I'm both of the voices in the spot. Just as a sidenote, I really like shouting the word "CLOWNS!" Try it yourself, it just might brighten up your day...Go ahead...Nobody's watching...

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