Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Big Audio Wednesday-Big Al's Pike's Peek... 

So I got to thinkin', as I was putting together my recent weak-ass year in review post that I have been exceptionally lax as it pertains to audio entries recently...I mean, when I first started doing this stupid blogsitething, I was cranking out audio entries like so many rabbit babies would be cranked out by even a mildly promiscuous rabbit mommy and daddy...Regardless of my own post-related promiscuity, I have for you all today (finally)...An audio entry...

click here for the sounds, baby!

Of course, this is not only a continuation of my (vaunted) ValuHo audio entry series, but also the next step, if you will, in the saga of Big Al's Pike's Peek (Gentlemen's club and plumbing supply). Granted, the real Big Al doesn't talk with an east coast accent, but I thought that such things might bring more to the table...As usual, I am both of the voices in today's entry...I hope you all enjoyed it.

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