Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Am An Art Monkey, Plain and Simple... 

I've been extremely busy in the last couple of days. I can now show you what I've been working on that has kept me so busy:

Wait. No. Hold Up.

Remember back when I showed you a couple of the quick sketches that I had done for "Captain Kia," which was thunk up as a character which would (hopefully) sell Kia to the unwashed masses? Of course you remember, it was burned in your memory! Anyhow, one of the designs was chosen, though it was not one which I chose to display at that time. Typical, though, of the way things are handled at the agency where Collin and I work, the choice was brought to me with very little time to finish it up.

"Oh, yeah, and we're also going to put a full comic strip in the next ad," I was told. The next ad which required a proof TODAY. I was told about this yesterday.

Y'know, I hear tell that REAL comic book artists have what is commonly called "help." I hear that there are "inkers" and "letterers" and "colorists" which would be employed to make a comic artist's job a bit easier. Of course, we ain't got all of THAT fancy crap, we just gots me. Well, me and (thankfully) Collin, who's help with digitally inking all of the individual characters was invaluable.

Yeah. "characters." I was informed yesterday that The Cap'n needed villains to fight. Draw up some villains, monkey!..Draw draw draw!.

somehow, it all got done. It's not approved at this point, and I'm thinking that if major changes are requested, I'll simply get up and walk out. I've put enough work into this as it is. It's not as if I get paid solely to perform the task of drawing cartoons, I am expected to work on anything and everything that's due. This fact precludes me from fuckin' around with these things for too long. That said, here is the frickin' comic strip: (click for a larger version).
frickin' priceless
My favorite villain is Down Payment Dread, mostly because he's your typical, well-dressed, Professor Moriarty type villain. Not that I put much thought into it. Anyhow, enjoy!

Hey, look...I misspelled "villain" in the comic. Hot damn. (fuck).

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