Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hey, Squeesh...Eets Your Birthday... 

on this day, way back in 1978, some lady named Linda squeezed out a couple of kids. In a strange twist of fate, one of those two kids grew up to be my wife. In light of this, I shall take this opportunity to wish my wife Heather, and her (twin) sister Shannon, a happy birthday...

"Happy Birthday!"

There are a number of stories I could tell about my wife, all of which would surely land me in "trouble." In light of THAT, I shall pick (hopefully) the least embarrassing story (that still may be "funny") which I can think of...

My wife has pretty big feet, for a girl...This lead my dad, ever the gentleman, to call her "Sasquatch" not too long after he first met her. Soon after, that lovely moniker was shortened to "Squatch" and then to the more endearing "Squatchy." My wife Heather will answer to either of these names and, to this day, my mom differentiates between my wife Heather, and my sister Heather, by calling my wife "Squatchy" all of the time.

Seriously. ALL OF THE TIME.

When "Squatchy" first met my aunt and uncle, and their two kids, one of the kids asked (after hearing my dad and mom call poor Heather "Squatchy" all day) "why does uncle Jess call her "Squishy?" So, as you can imagine, "Squishy" soon became interchangeable with "Squatchy." "Squish," "Squeesh" and even "Squeersh" followed, but I have since shortened all of these (non-derogatory) words down to a single, simple "Squee," which, since you're wondering, has nothing to do with the Jhonen Vasquez character that sports the same name. "Squee" is simply easier to say. Nowadays, my poor wife acts shocked if I call her "Heather." So here's to you, HEATHER...Happy Birthday (to Squish).

oh, and since I'm already in deep trouble, I'm posting the following picture. Click on it to see it larger (because you'll SO want to):
Hit the gas

That's the twins with their brother, Chris. Dig those glasses!

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