Monday, April 04, 2005

*67 *67 *67 *67 *67... 

Sometime in the late 80s, or maybe the early 90s, the scourge that is Caller I.D. technology was made available to the pathetic, mewling masses. Of course, there ARE ways to work around said identification technology but, if you're on a PBX system (as we are here at work), you simply can't use such methods block an outgoing call. As it stands, that makes it quite hard to call someone and tell them you're calling from the bustling metropolis that is New York City when you are, in fact, calling from Colorado Springs, CO. Because they have this "Caller ID," they won't believe you and your prank, which would've been a rockin' one, is foiled. FOILED! This is the reason that my first prank on Friday went belly up. The second one, though, went very well...

It was suggested that I target one of the people who works here at the agency. This particular person has come up with some pretty questionable campaign ideas which just flat out aren't selling. The gist of the prank was that I would call him and pretend to be the General Manager of a dealership in New Jersey (utilizing my thickest, goombah Jersey accent) that wanted to use some of the aforementioned "lame" stuff which he came up with and, subsequently, do business with the agency. A lot of business, in fact, along the lines of $100,000 per month. I had to enlist the cooperation of the front desk lady, specifically in bypassing the caller ID that is on his phone. In fact, just about everybody knew what was gonna go down except for him. Anyhow, I made the call and fooled him good. I could type more details, but it just wouldn't do the call justice. I will pass along that the "victim" was so mad that the whole thing was a joke, that he had to go walk around to "cool off." Hee hee heeeee.

Mission accomplished...

Now, on to current events. Collin is having a fun little Photoshop (or whichever image editing software you non-professionals would use) contest featuring a lovely pulp cover from the 50s. You should all participate! My (3) entries are featured below. You may click on any of them to see them larger:
all wrinkly and stuff


swimmin' nekkid

That guy in the bushes is just creepy.


Tree bark hurts a bit...

In addition to all of that, Rocket Jones is having a banner design contest. Since I'm apt to do such things, here are the two that I slapped together for that:
Mr. Von Braun

That, kids, is Werner Von Braun of World War Two Rocket fame. In this banner, he's cursing up a storm (in German) and looks quite upset (also in German).

Hit the gas

I ripped the image off of an old Oldsmobile ad, but I still like it.

So there's that! All of you! Go and participate in the contests! It will make you feel happy. HAPPY! That is all.

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