Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Random Tuesday: Get On Board Once Again!.. 

Hey, it's Tuesday! Crap! I didn't see THIS coming...

You think I'm kidding? I'm not. When my wife woke me up to tell me goodbye this morning, I asked her why the Hell she was going to work on a Sunday...Apparently my brain is operating in reverse at this point. Anyhow, my mental deficiencies (even more prevalent than normal) are likely due to the fact that I was up a wee bit late last night. See, for the first time since October, I attended the big Freak Train show last night at the Bug Theatre in Denver. Of course, Pat Angello was also there and, in addition to doing my own standup routine, I assisted him in his five-minute skit by playing the part of myself. Not my best role but, at the very least, one I don't have to do much research for...Things went quite well last night, I was able to use a lot of the material which I had written for LAST month's Freak Train which, of course, I didn't attend due to the whole "being ill" thing. My parents came along last night and, even though I think that they may be a wee bit biased, they told me that I had done a "good job" and that I was "very funny." At the very least, people laughed. Pat was kind enough to tape my performance which means that, come Friday, you kids can be the final judge as to the humor contained in my act.

For those of you who are having trouble recollecting my past descriptions of Freak Train, I'll take a few minutes here to explain the concept a bit further. See, on the last Monday of every month (the only exception being December), the Freak Train pulls into the Bug Theatre located at 37th and Navajo in the heart of a decidedly crappy neighborhood in Denver, CO. Everyone hands over actual folding monies in the amount of five U.S. Dollars to enter, even the performers. The concept is this: there are 12 slots open for performers. Sign-up is first come, first served. Performers are allowed 30 seconds to set up (if they need it) and 5 minutes on stage. As long as the performers do not pose a danger to themselves, the audience or the facility, anything goes. It is truly the living embodiment of an amateur night if there ever was one. You never know what you're going to get...Acts range from semi-professional musicians performing in order to pimp upcoming shows (such as the Bluebird Equation who sang a tight little number last night titled "Whiskey in my Sippy Cup") to absolutely drugged out hippies in chicken suits (I'm not kidding about this) simply "winging it," if you'll pardon the pun. There is also one regular in particular who has taken to reading misguided political rants in his five-minute set. Since the crowd is heavily liberal (read: heavily ignorant), his rants are quite the hit at the Train. Somewhere in the middle of all of that, you get me: a fat white kid shouting things like "HOLY LAWDY, WHO WANTS SOME CANDY!?" It really is a great time.

In other news, I'd like to thank everyone who has submitted their queries for our impending "Ask A Canadian" segments which will be featured on future episodes of the ol' awesomecast. I would like to encourage my 3 or 4 readers to keep up the sending in of questions and, seriously...Andy? Look, the segment is not titled "Berate A Canadian." I don't know if I can even ask your questions. I mean, Canadian Bacon is SO way more than ham...Heh...

And speaking of the podcasts (we were), I'll also have another extra-special segment debuting soon called "sexy but not so sexy books on tape" as read by a books on tape AND Iraq conflict veteran named Sergeant Hoeppel. I guarantee you'll love it or...Well...Look, you'll like it. Anyhow, I needs to get back to the whole "stuff I need to get done" so you kids have a great Tuesday...Thanks for stopping by.

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