Friday, November 03, 2006

Vaunted Videoblog Vriday - Ghosts! LIVE ON STAGE!.. 

And WOAH, Holy CRAP! It's Friday all of a sudden! Well, kids, you know what THAT means! It's Videoblog day! No, really. It IS. Look, it can't be Photoblog Phriday EVERY Friday now, can it? Anyhow, I'd like you to all turn your attention to the video below which captures for posterity my performance at Freak Train this past Monday (October 30). Who's the Spooky Singing Ghost? I am...
I recommend wearing headphones, otherwise it'll be all "hard to understand" and stuff.

And if you want to catch Pat Angello doing a spot-on Pee-Wee Herman interpretive dance, you can check that out right here.
So there's that. As always, thanks for stopping by. You kids have a great weekend now.

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