Monday, February 19, 2007

Picked Last Or Eliminated First: Which Is Worse?.. 

Since you're wondering (don't lie, you know you are), once the voting-related smoke had cleared, the field of nearly 40 individuals (myself included) vying for the position of Dining Critic at the local newspaper was whittled down to only three. I received an email last Thursday which let me know that I was not, in fact, one of the chosen few. As such, when you see me offer my opinions on food in the future, it will continue to be in a non-professional capacity for no compensation. The good news, I guess, would be that I'll still be able to utilize phrases such as "fuck yeah" and "that was horseshit" while I offer said opinions as opposed to having to "clean things up" for a wider, less accepting audience. Additionally, being an actual, no-kiddin' dining critic would've made my life even busier than it is...In that regard, not winning the "contest" might have been good for me...Either way, the dream, she is dead like so many mad cows at the slaughterhouse...Or Chickens at the...Um..."Place where chickens is killed."

On a totally unrelated note, I was dinkin' around with some of our many 1980s stock photos last week and was able to slap together a few "less than motivational" posters, one of which I shall share with you kids now...It's theme is "exclusion." Enjoy.
clicky! It gets BIG!
Seriously, just go home.

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