Friday, February 16, 2007

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday - Merry Christmas!.. 

Behold! Lo, we have reached the day called "Friday" and it is good. What's also good is that, even though I was way too busy to even attempt this week's Illustration Friday topic, I still found time to present you crazy kids with (yet another) Phrickin' Photoblog. Of course, it's the middle of February and, as you'll soon see, I'm just getting around to sharing pictures of our Christmas Day festivities at my aunt and uncle's place with you...Er...Anyway, compulsive procrastination aside, here thar be PICTURES! ARRRR!
Just click the damn things, they'll get much bigger. It saves strain on your little eyes. Yes it does.

Behold the bounty which lay before ye
Here you can see the bounty of appetizery goodness which met us when we arrived. Well...Some of it, anyway...And no, them little pigs-in-a-blanket things are not cooked. They were eventually cooked, though, along with the potato mixture you can see my cousin's arm helping my dad's hand with. Additionally, the two items which resemble Pop-Tarts are peppermint bark, the Easter egg-looking things are almonds and the things in the larger tub were cheesecake lollipops, an overly ambitious endeavor which turned out to be pretty much an abject failure. The good news? I just found the remote.

Catzilla (passively) terrorizes Jerusalem
Here's a scene from our upcoming feature film "Catzilla 8: Catzilla (passively, and when he's damn good and ready) Takes Jerusalem." Ok, you got me...It's just my aunt and uncle's cat hanging out in the nativity scene, hoping to score an audience with Baby Jesus. Of course, all of the waiting will be in vain for the poor cat since my mother completely obliterated Baby Jesus from this particular nativity scene a few years back...Apparently HER Baby Jesus was fused to his manger...My aunt and uncle's? Not so much. My mom? Just wanting to see if theirs was. Baby Jesus? One million pieces on the floor. It was a sad...HEY! IS THAT AN INDIAN IN THE NATIVITY SCENE?..

Maybe it's the little drummer boy...
...Holy crap, it IS! What the...What in the Heck is a little indian doing in a nativity scene?

It's motherfucking JOHNNY APPLESEED, bitches!
And...HEY! What the Hell!? That looks like Johnny Goddamn Appleseed! What kind of nativity is this, anyway?

No, there's no worm, moron, this is tequila. Worms are in mezcal (and, possibly, your dog)
Anyway, ceramic shenanigans aside, let's get back to the Christmassy, gifty openy portion of the day...Here I am proudly displaying the fine gift of booze which my aunt and uncle were thoughtful enough to bring me back from the mythical land of Mexico: IS DON RAMON TEQUILA! Just look at that fancy bottle!

HEY! Are you MOCKING me!?
Here's my uncle Ray proudly displaying his...HEY! is he MOCKING me!?

Squee models these fashionable earrings
And here's a shot of my wife, modeling the fashionable earrings which she had just received. At least SHE'S not mocking me...At least, I THINK that she's not mocking me...Not right now, anyways...

Our finest Christmas tradition...My aunt receives the ugliest shirt we can find.
Hey, kids! Does YOUR family have any Christmas traditions? (Look, if you're Jewish or Muslim or anything, just bear with me, ok?) My family doesn't have many, really...In fact, we barely have any at all. One proud tradition that we DO have, though, is that my aunt Mary Beth receives the ugliest possible shirt we can find. Without fail, every year, poor Mary Beth has to add yet another horrendous blouse to her closet just so we can have a little chuckle. She's a good sport about it all, though...In fact, if you click the image, you'll get a larger image of Mary Beth bravely modeling the shirt (which was picked up THIS year from the dollar bin at a Big Lots in Las Vegas).

So there's that, kids. As always, thanks for stopping by: you all have a fine weekend, now...

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