Friday, September 29, 2006

Vaunted Videoblog Vriday - Sucking On Stage... 

Hey, welcome to Friday! I know that I've been lax in my duties lately as far as the ol' Phrickin' Photoblog is concerned and, SURPRISE, today is really no different. Oh, sure, I could easily show you kids a whole new batch of pictures of me playing hockey (only slightly less interesting than dogs playing poker) but today is not the day for such things. Nay, today IS the day for me to show you the video record of my most recent Freak Train appearance, which happened this past Monday (the 25th) up at the Bug Theatre in Denver, CO. I'm not promising that you'll be entertained if you choose to view said video or that you'll even be able to hear what I'm saying (headphones work best, just a tip from me to you). I'm not particularly proud of this here standup routine (specifically because I screwed up and forgot a really good segment in the later portion). Regardless, since we all know that I possess no shame whatsoever, here is that video:

Big thanks go to Pat Angello for operating the camera. One of the reasons that I mostly sucked while doing THIS month's routine was that I was spending too much time rehearsing for NEXT month's (Halloween-themed) routine...So hopefully that turns out a lot better. Regardless, thanks for stopping by: you all have a great weekend!..

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