Tuesday, September 12, 2006

If You Love Me, You Will Obey... 

Indeed, I have a smallish favor to ask those of you who may come around here on a regular basis. See, utilizing that fledgling stand-up comedy video which I posted here for your collective shocked amazement not too long ago, I entered a "contest" of sorts on the MySpace.

Yes, one of the spaces on MySpace is mine. No, I'm not stalking your 14 year old.

Anyhow, right about here is where that "favor" comes in. See, I'm not one to have delusions of grandeur and I'm not one to ask too much of people BUT if it's not too much trouble, why don't you go here and vote for me by sending a message to that particular MySpace profile and saying that I'm, you know..."funny." Of course, if you find me painfully unfunny, I can accept that. Just don't tell Bruce Bruce that, deal?

Of course, to do any telling of anything in this situation, you'd have to be on the MySpace like I am. So if you're not, and it's not too much trouble, set up a MySpace account for yourself. I promise that, if you do, I won't stalk your 14 year old if you don't stalk mine...Thank you...

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