Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So, These "Chat Pranks" You Speak Of... 

Hey, it's TUESDAY! That's right, the day BEFORE "Awesomecast day" and, just because I really couldn't let a Friday post languish as my most recent post until THEN, I'm going to post...something...In fact, I'm going to post that something AND pander to one specific member of my "audience" (you know, the one who likes them chat pranks) and post (duh) one of them "chat pranks." Truthfully, I hope that you ALL like the chat pranks (although I know the truth: some of you are "disturbed" by them...wusses) but I KNOW that that one of you REALLY likes them...You know what? I like them too! So there!..Seriously, I haven't actually "pranked" anyone for months now but my last foray into the dark and sordid world of the chat room proved SO FRUITFUL that I still have a metric assload of (disturbing) chatty chat stuff to pull from (and share with you!) As such, here we go:
Yeah, I changed the guy's screenname. It's only fair (except to whomever actually has what I changed it to).
MrShorty (11:01:28 PM): wanna chat?
DarkBookGrrl (11:01:39 PM): give me a good reason why I shouldn't
no, really. Give me a good reason.
MrShorty (11:01:56 PM): dont have one
MrShorty (11:02:00 PM): asl?
DarkBookGrrl (11:02:20 PM): see, there's one
MrShorty (11:02:35 PM): why is that a bad question?
MrShorty (11:02:42 PM): its doesnt say it on ur profile
GodDAMMIT! It's "your!" I HATE THAT!..Anyway...
DarkBookGrrl (11:02:46 PM): it's "played," you see
MrShorty (11:03:09 PM): would u rather me ask them seperately?
DarkBookGrrl (11:03:21 PM): yeah, show some effort
MrShorty (11:03:24 PM): ok
MrShorty (11:03:30 PM): so how old are u?
DarkBookGrrl (11:03:50 PM): 31
MrShorty (11:04:03 PM): where from?
DarkBookGrrl (11:04:16 PM): Pascagoula, MS originally
Actually, that was my Granny's Antebellum world, not mine...but I digress...
MrShorty (11:04:25 PM): and now?
DarkBookGrrl (11:04:58 PM): Pascagoula, MS
MrShorty (11:05:22 PM): are u single?
DarkBookGrrl (11:05:37 PM): no!
DarkBookGrrl (11:05:46 PM): no, I have many voices in my head
And they all like donuts...go figure...
MrShorty (11:05:55 PM): married?
DarkBookGrrl (11:06:13 PM): nope
DarkBookGrrl (11:06:17 PM): wait....yep
MrShorty (11:06:26 PM): happily?
DarkBookGrrl (11:06:44 PM): to whom?
MrShorty (11:06:59 PM): u
DarkBookGrrl (11:07:58 PM): sure
MrShorty (11:08:16 PM): doesnt sound too convincing
DarkBookGrrl (11:08:53 PM): my brain got mixed up for a second
MrShorty (11:09:10 PM): so u are or u arent?
DarkBookGrrl (11:09:19 PM): no!
MrShorty (11:09:38 PM): ever cheat?
DarkBookGrrl (11:09:55 PM): on who?
DarkBookGrrl (11:10:04 PM): oh, like at games? yeah, I hide wild cards
Seriously, I only did that ONE DAMN TIME...Now my dad won't let me live it down...
MrShorty (11:10:13 PM): ur husband
DarkBookGrrl (11:10:25 PM): I don't have one!
MrShorty (11:10:42 PM): i thought u were married
DarkBookGrrl (11:10:50 PM): that was another "voice"
MrShorty (11:11:29 PM): im sorry but there are no "voices" on a computer
Poor guy...He can't afford a sound card...
DarkBookGrrl (11:11:52 PM): fft fft
DarkBookGrrl (11:11:57 PM): (stabby sound)
MrShorty (11:12:22 PM): for what?
DarkBookGrrl (11:12:39 PM): fft
MrShorty (11:12:55 PM): why are u saying that?
'Cause chat pranks have to end somewhere...
DarkBookGrrl (11:13:03 PM): it's a sound
MrShorty (11:13:12 PM): what for?
DarkBookGrrl (11:15:32 PM): gotta go
note the space between time stamps here...
MrShorty (11:25:39 PM): u there sexy?
DarkBookGrrl (11:25:58 PM): no! I said I was going away!
MrShorty (11:26:13 PM): y?
DarkBookGrrl (11:26:23 PM): I have shit to do!
DarkBookGrrl (11:26:26 PM): freaky shit!
MrShorty (11:26:37 PM): like?
DarkBookGrrl (11:27:05 PM): kicking ass!
MrShorty (11:27:15 PM): who's?
DarkBookGrrl (11:27:39 PM): whomever's!
MrShorty (11:28:00 PM): u horny?
DarkBookGrrl (11:28:10 PM): not at all!
MrShorty (11:28:33 PM): y not
DarkBookGrrl (11:28:50 PM): 'cause
MrShorty (11:29:11 PM): when was the last time u had sex?
DarkBookGrrl (11:29:25 PM): 4 minutes, 21 seconds ago
Sounds arbitrary enough...
DarkBookGrrl (11:29:31 PM): and I'm goin' in for more!
MrShorty (11:29:36 PM): with?
DarkBookGrrl (11:30:23 PM): whatever! A stuffed raccoon, a leather couch! I'm INSATIABLE!
MrShorty (11:30:38 PM): come over here
DarkBookGrrl (11:30:45 PM): no way!
MrShorty (11:30:56 PM): y not?
DarkBookGrrl (11:31:10 PM): because!
MrShorty (11:31:30 PM): u like big?
DarkBookGrrl (11:32:24 PM): big what? big plates of food? yeah!
And I SO do...
MrShorty (11:32:34 PM): dick
Hey, now! That's not nice!
DarkBookGrrl (11:32:44 PM): same to you!
MrShorty (11:32:58 PM): no do u like big dick
DarkBookGrrl (11:33:27 PM): where does he live?
MrShorty (11:33:39 PM): who?
DarkBookGrrl (11:33:45 PM): big richard?
MrShorty (11:33:59 PM): in my pants
Waa Waa WAAAAA...
DarkBookGrrl (11:34:07 PM): that was so unoriginal
DarkBookGrrl (11:34:10 PM): you get an F!
MrShorty (11:34:21 PM): its the truth
DarkBookGrrl (11:34:43 PM): no it's not!
DarkBookGrrl (11:34:49 PM): I hear otherwise!
MrShorty (11:35:03 PM): ha
MrShorty (11:35:06 PM): what did u hear
DarkBookGrrl (11:35:30 PM): I hear you're inferior to most mammals
MrShorty (11:35:41 PM): good one
DarkBookGrrl (11:35:52 PM): no, is true!
DarkBookGrrl (11:36:00 PM): the raccoon said so
The raccoon will say whatever I WANT it to say...
MrShorty (11:36:13 PM): ok
DarkBookGrrl (11:36:23 PM): c'mere, raccoon!
DarkBookGrrl (11:36:28 PM): uh uh uh uh!
MrShorty (11:36:41 PM): big richard told me he wants to meet ur kitty
DarkBookGrrl (11:37:51 PM): I've got a knife.
MrShorty (11:38:06 PM): and?
DarkBookGrrl (11:38:18 PM): fft
And that's where things end for today...Yet another glimpse into the sad, twisted mind of someone who would see fit to hit on ANYONE with a feminine screenname (and the sad and twisted person who would play along just to acquire content for his goofy little website). As always, thanks for stopping by: you all have a fine Tuesday now...


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