Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chat Pranks For The Masses One or Two People... 

Indeed, since I was all skinflinty with the posties LAST Tuesday, I figured I could fire up a quick little post for all you crazy kids today...Also, since it's been only a short while since I posted a "chat prank," I thought I might check my "unfinished" folder to see what I had "in the can," so to speak (Heh...I said 'in the can'). Just as a point of interest, one of the things which occurs when I go online with the intention of luring unsuspecting perverts and goofy kids into the big time chat prank is that I often have to field 10 or 12 different IMs at one time. Certainly, not ALL of these IM chats are worthy of being featured in their very own post, whether they be too short or just plain "not funny." Today, since I already mentioned that the post would be a quick one, I've decided to bestow upon you, gentle readers, two very short chatty chat prank sessions...In both cases, I assume that the "mark" realized that they were barking up the wrong tree for the cybering and the hot lovin' and such and ceased communication...Regardless, let's get on wif' 'de chat crap, shall we?...Here we go...

As usual, the "victims'" screennames have been changed, mostly because I'm a big softie and I don't like lawsuits...

PhillyFrank (10:38:54 PM): hey steph im frank im 24 from philadelphia im in the room its kinda boring wanna chat for a bit? how you feeling tonight?
this may be a record for longest run-on sentence to begin an IM...
DarkBookGrrl (10:39:11 PM): ok...
DarkBookGrrl (10:39:17 PM): that is, I'm feeling ok.
PhillyFrank (10:39:22 PM): good me too
DarkBookGrrl (10:39:39 PM): you're feeling "ok?"
PhillyFrank (10:40:14 PM): so what do u look like steph? if i may ask ... im 6 foot medium build greenish blueish eyes shaved dark hair goatie ... and u?
...Dude, it's GOATEE...
DarkBookGrrl (10:40:49 PM): ironically enough, I'm 6 feet tall with a medium build, shaved head and a goatee.
DarkBookGrrl (10:41:01 PM): but that's only when I'm "incognito"
PhillyFrank (10:41:13 PM): lol what do u look like when ur not incognito?
GOD I hate the whole "u" and "ur." SPELL SHIT OUT!..
DarkBookGrrl (10:41:25 PM): 6 feet, medium build.
DarkBookGrrl (10:41:35 PM): heh.
DarkBookGrrl (10:41:42 PM): ok, you got me. 5'9"
PhillyFrank (10:41:49 PM): lol
PhillyFrank (10:41:58 PM): got a pic by chance? or no?
DarkBookGrrl (10:42:08 PM): by chance: no.
DarkBookGrrl (10:42:21 PM): they steal your soul, you know
They SO do...Anyway, that was it from ol' Frank...I guess I shoulda' started talkin' sexier...No matter, this guy was right on his heels:

BigDaddyDumbass (10:55:50 PM): hi therer
DarkBookGrrl (10:56:00 PM): hi therer yourselfer
BigDaddyDumbass (10:56:16 PM): 38 dad here you
DarkBookGrrl (10:56:49 PM): hi, dad...what're you doing up so late?
BigDaddyDumbass (10:57:05 PM): chatting you a mom or day
No punctuation, No grammar, No waiting.
DarkBookGrrl (10:57:19 PM): how is mom, now that you mention it?
BigDaddyDumbass (10:58:02 PM): chat room sexi mommies?
DarkBookGrrl (10:58:18 PM): no, dad...Mom...
DarkBookGrrl (10:58:25 PM): mater familias
DarkBookGrrl (10:58:37 PM): you said "this is dad"
BigDaddyDumbass (10:58:49 PM): im a dad lol
DarkBookGrrl (10:58:59 PM): oh...you're...you're not MY dad?
BigDaddyDumbass (10:59:17 PM): could be age for you
DarkBookGrrl (10:59:35 PM): I doubt it, you lack the ability to use prepositions, it seems
Moose! Moose, you imbecile!
BigDaddyDumbass (11:00:05 PM): up late an not good with a keyboard lol
DarkBookGrrl (11:00:21 PM): use both hands, wanka'
BigDaddyDumbass (11:00:37 PM): lol dosent matter lol
DarkBookGrrl (11:00:53 PM): how utterly sad.
BigDaddyDumbass (11:01:03 PM): whats that
DarkBookGrrl (11:01:25 PM): your little "problem"
BigDaddyDumbass (11:01:53 PM): no probleman def not a lil 1 lol
Yes, of COURSE it's not little.
DarkBookGrrl (11:02:11 PM): Jesus...I guess not
BigDaddyDumbass (11:04:24 PM): what you mean
DarkBookGrrl (11:04:34 PM): Jesus
DarkBookGrrl (11:04:38 PM): is everywhere
He's been to: Reno Chicago Fargo Minnesota Buffalo Toronto Winslow

so that's that...Two (very) quick chat pranks for your Tuesday viewin' pleasure. Now you all go off and have a great day...Seriously...


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