Thursday, June 08, 2006

Illustration Friday on Thursday - Portrait of a Lack of Inspiration... 

Hey. It's Thursday. So yeah. Illustration Friday. This week: "portrait." You wanna talk about a topic where EVERYBODY can get away with posting like...ANYTHING...This week is it. "Well, this is a portrait of a rock. This is a portrait of my dog. This is a portrait of what I posted last week." Anyhow, due to lack of inspiration (and wealth of actual busy work), I, too, just yanked something I had already done as an actual work assignment for you kids to ogle this week:
Clicky clicky!
The horse hates you!
This was a get well card (duh) for someone who had been recently thrown from a horse and had his pelvis shattered. As you can see, compassion is my middle name, hence the special ed helmet. Hey, at least I didn't put him in a pelvic brace...Anyhow, thanks for stopping by: have a great Thursday...

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