Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I've Got So Much "Nothing"... 

No, really: I have NOTHING going on upstairs today. Nothing to type about, nothing to post, not a damn thing. Now, you'd think that, following a three-day weekend filled to the proverbial BRIM with mirth (also: relaxation) that I would be sufficiently recharged to the point where I would be able to provide you, loyal reader, with content which you could consider "worth a damn." Of course, if you thought that, you would be WRONG! SO STINKING WRONG!..W. Wrongy Wrongenstein! That would be YOUR name! Ha HA!..


Way back in February, HappyFunBall mentioned, in passing, that she wanted to see anything done up which was related to the phrase "Final Destination for Dummies." Being that I have the ability to produce such items in a rapid fashion, and given that I'll do just about anything goofy or strange, no questions asked, I did such a thing up. Considering it's current age (almost 3 months, it started walking last week!), I am now prepared to share that thing with you in lieu of anything mildly awesome (or, at the very least, slightly intriguing).
click it, it gets all "big"
Fuck Blue Oyster Cult - Fear Me Anyway!
In retrospect, since some theologians now believe the number of the beast to be 616, not 666, I should've made the edition correlate. Of course, doing such a thing would mean that I was not only "paying attention" but that I really "care about the little things" and those of you who actually know me understand that such a thing would be a rare occurance indeed...Anyhow, enjoy that stupid thing up there for now and, as always, thanks for stopping by...

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