Thursday, May 11, 2006

Illustration Friday on Thursday - Fat!.. 

Hey, all you crazy blog readin', illustration lovin' cats and kitties: welcome to Thursday and, of course, my most recent Illustration Friday offering. This week's theme was "fat," one that you surely won't find me complaining about since I draw everything "fat," as Collin so bluntly informed me. As this IS the case, I was able whittle down the sizable (fat) field to two blatantly fat sketches and then, in the time honored act of excluding one of the two fat kids, picked one to finish up and he looks like this:
Click on Fatty Boombalatty, he'll grow even BIGGER (as if it were possible)
Lard ass! lard ass! Lard ass!
I also used this week's theme to experiment with a new technique, as you can (hopefully) see, I went for a more weathered look to the lines and colors and tried to stick to a warm color palette...I think ol' chubby'd look pretty decent on a t-shirt...Overall, I like him and I hope that you all do too...Thanks for stopping by, kids!..

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