Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Who is This Auld Syne Guy and What the Hell Does He Want?.. 

And so, 2005 has packed up and left us like so many an estranged (insert synonym for "partner" here). While I'd love to sit here and wax poetic about the last year, I can't. Hell, I went back through some of the junk that I posted in 2005 with the intention of doing a "best-of" retrospective thing and (surprise) I realized that I didn't do much of anything worthwhile all of last year...

Yay me.

In light of my obvious deficiencies in the realm of entertainment, I shall present to you all a distraction in the form of a crude sketch (the first such cop-out of 2006!):

Hey, don't forget: postage goes up next week...Get them stamps used up (like, maybe by sending out "thank-you" notes to all of those people who thought of you 'round Christmastime. Unless you celebrate something else. um. Then you may just...well...) Anyhow, use up your stamps...Thank you.

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