Wednesday, October 19, 2005

(Cheat) Like A Champion Today... 

And it's "Wednesday"...It's an overcast and rainy kind of day here in the Springs but, personally, I'm feelin' "fine" (also, potentially: dandy). The root canal I spoke of earlier in the week has alleviated the tremendous pain which I was feeling last week and, in a strange turn of events, I am like...A TOTAL WINNER all of a sudden, which is a complete 180° from the norm...That's right, it's a great week for the Pasty Anglo (that's me) because NOT ONLY did I end up tied for "best in league" re: the NFL football pick 'ems from Sunday/Monday, but I ended up as the beeg weener in Pat Angello's big movie quote quiz...Collin has taken umbrage with my "win," claiming that I "cheated" in some way and that my victory is of the "shallow" variety, but I'm hearing none of it! I have officially been anointed "champion," regardless...

Yay me!..And now on to other "business."

Last week, our old buddy Rocket Jones posted this (salacious) book cover (presumably from the 1960's) simply for the value of it's irony (and semi-exposed oil-paint breasts, to be sure):

Now, in and of itself, this cover is alright. Obviously, the "at Wendy's" portion of the title immediately causes my poor, advertising-laden brain to think of some "fast-food chain turned brothel" sort of scenario (would you like to Biggie Size your purchase, sir?)...It was with that in mind that I created THIS version of the same cover:

Dave's little girl is all grown up!..I think he'd be proud...

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