Friday, July 29, 2005

Please Stand By...Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday Will Return... 

Thank you for tuning in to Action Cheese News for our Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday special program. We regret to inform you that, due to technical difficulties (beyond our control, mind you), we are unable to air said "regularly scheduled program" as...um...scheduled...Instead, since you're already here, we invite you to observe a handful of images which we (I) have been required to produce in the course of my daily work here at the agency. Look, the stuff ain't gonna win any awards, but it's all I got right now...Hell, the comic strip that made no sense generated more comments than anything else has in the last month, so you people MUST be easy to amuse. As such, prepare yourself for mirth and amusement, 'cause here we go...Click 'em, they "swell" and THAT'S swell...

Wave That Flag!
Here we have a maniacally patriotic little fella', waving his flag and showing his pride. This was just a quick sketch for a planning calendar and, as such, doesn't show any "polish" or "accuracy." Still, love the crazy-ass look on his face.

Rooney Eats It
Here's a little image that's sure to drive my wife to drink...I'm sure I've mentioned already that she's a teacher...Well, it seems that the first day back at school is approaching a little too rapidly this year, every time we go to the grocery store, she gives the "back to school" signs and, at the same time, the school supplies aisle as a whole the big "stink-eye." one-half bonus point if you can tell me which movie I referenced on this image.

The Giant Sucking Sound
Ok, gas ain't $3.09 per gallon here, but it could've been...I kind of feel this way when I fuel up, except for how I wouldn't have any cash in my back pocket for the sucking out...There'd be some lint and maybe a little dust, but no cash...

Hey, over here!
Well, THIS guy could solve the problem which I mentioned above there...This was part of some...Tax refund sale, I'm sure...Of course, all of that money in the sack is ours to begin with...I guess that it's not all that generous of Uncle Sam to just throw a little of it back at us...Screw you, Sam! Gimme yer whole cash sack!

He sprung a leak
And, we end our weak-ass, pseudo phrickin' photoblog phriday with a happy little clown who appears to have sprung a leak! Aww, poor little leaky clown...surely, even a poorly drawn, yet sinister clown like this would be enough to give my sister nightmares, she HATES clowns...Hates 'em...This clown here was one of the recent "villains" for that "Cap'n Kia" thing which I'm forced to do from time to time...And he's got big, floppy shoes...Right on, clown!

Ok, that's that then...Thanks for stopping by, we'll work on getting all of those difficulties straightened out for next week...You all have a fine weekend, now.

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