Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What You Get?..NOTHING!.. 

Despite the fact that I long desperately to post something cohesive and entertaining for you all today (much like our hairy little buddy Collin), I am, sadly, completely and utterly "postless." Much like the vacant-headed child that sits in the back of the classroom picking his (or her) nasal cavity and ingesting the boogers, never truly retaining any book learnin', I would fail a pop quiz if it were on the subject of "bloggy posty" stuff today. All is not lost, though!..Nay, in addition to the fact that I have ALREADY typed the word "boogers," a string of letters which I know makes you squeamish with delight, I am also prepared to take up EVEN MORE space with some more "letter strings" and maybe a doodle or two. Face it, it's why you came here. Well, ok, unless you're the goofball that got here by searching for "Tim Couch Wedding" today. I'm sorry. I don't think you're getting an invitation...


Big thanks to Sylvana for giving me such a wonderful review on her "I found this" site. It really warms my heart's cockles when someone stumbles upon this site and actually enjoys it. Again, thanks! Son of Cheese loves you! Tim Couch loves you! His cockles love you! Unfortunately, I hear that Tim's wife recently terminated his contract and gave him his outright release. Poor guy. Can't catch a break...Where were we?..


And so, after a "good number" of years, I am finally back amongst the mewling masses in the sense that my wife and I now have, in our possession, these devices known as "cell phones." Now, staying in constant contact with "people," or the ability to be contacted when I am in any given place by said "people" at any time, doesn't appeal too terribly much to me. That said, the facts are that my wife spends a significant amount of time on the phone talking with her twin sister, Shannon. They're twins, you see. These "twins," they have a "special bond" that I can't understand (or so I'm led to believe). I think that, in the long run, we may save some money on long distance with these "phones." That, and I'll now have the ability to call in and set radio hosts like Arnie Spanier straight as I'm driving home, if such a need should arise...Rest assured that it probably will...

Yes, I have a "hands free" set for the new phone...Sheesh...

Past that, not a lot is going on besides "work" right now. As a matter of fact, I should probably stop with the typing of this lame little entry so that I can get back to doing more of that "work" I just mentioned. Until next time, adios, muchachos!

or however you'd say it. I dunno. I don't speak none of them "languages."

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