Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Happy Birthday to YOUUUUU... 

happy birthday collin

in honor of Collin's birthday, I was going to author an extensive post about how long I've known him and how he's not a real person so much as a ghost with special ghosty powers and how he's now, not just a friend, but a welcome member of the family since he's dating my sister, but...


As such, I am going to post a birthday trivia quiz ALL ABOUT COLLIN. I'll admit up front, I'm just gonna make some of this stuff up, but the person (who isn't Collin) who gets the most right answers (you! post your answers in the "comment" section!) will earn...um...a prize...or...something...Gimme a break, kids, I'm just flyin' by the seat of my pants here...


1. Collin served in WHAT capacity in the entertainment industry?

2. Collin has lived in a foreign country (and didn't enjoy the food). Which one was it?

3. Collin served in WHAT branch of the armed forces?

4. At which place of business was I Collin's iron-fisted supervisor?

5. Collin has spawned! How many times and what are the names which correspond to his progeny?

6. Collin has SIBLINGS! How many?

7. Collin plays no sports. His brother, however, plays WHICH SPORT in common with me?

8. True or False: Collin's mom has threatened me in the past.

9. What floor is Collin's apartment on?

10. Collin was a deviant delinquent child. What crime did he perpetrate when he was very young?

So that's it! Happy birthday, Collin! Oh, and after you've all completed the "Collin Quiz," head over to Collin's site and fill his comments with well wishes and such. He'll get all misty over it...Heh.

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