Tuesday, June 22, 2004

When I Was YOUR Age... 

I actually KIND OF felt old yesterday. Well, maybe not "old" old, but it was a definite sign that I MAY BE "growing up." The whole incident started when Collin went to lunch with his brother, Trevor. After this "lunch," Trevor hung around here at "work" for a while and, among other things, pestered us incessantly about joining him on some idyllic little road trip to see a band called The Aquabats. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind The Aquabats. If they were to do, say, a charity concert for me in my backyard, I'd (probably) show up. I REALLY like one of their songs (Attacked by Snakes) and a few more are at the level that I consider "enjoyable." I just don't want to drive all the frickin' way into another state simply to see them perform. The Coasters are the only group that gets THAT kind of priority in my world...Initially, Trevor had decided that we would be going to Salt Lake City to see these 'Bats perform on a MONDAY NIGHT. Collin and I explained to him that we'd then need to take Tuesday off because there'd be NO WAY we'd be in any shape to go to work, if we could even make it BACK for work...I also uttered something to the effect of "Do you even know how far away Salt Lake City IS?.."

It was then decided (by Trevor) that Phoenix would be a better option. "That's 12 hours away!" I shouted. Trevor continued to extoll the virtues of "Big Summer Aquabat Road Trip 2004," but there were no takers. Despite the pressure, the road trip idea was doomed. As I reflected on all of this later in the day, I realized that I was no longer as spontaneous (or nearly as "cool") as I used to be. Or at least as much as I THOUGHT I used to be...

When I was Trevor's age (well, I would've been older, but you get the picture) I would've been up for ANYTHING that had to do with the phrase "Road Trip." There wouldn't even have to be a destination, the trip itself was the adventure. Time of day, finances and the health of my automobile be damned, If I could've, I would've taken off just to take off. I guess that, as much as I miss that feeling of freedom, I have a different view of the whole process now...I've grown to loathe driving, especially driving for long periods of time. As such, my love for "road trips" as a whole is nearly depleted...I'm "tapped out" as they say...Should I try and recapture the whole feeling and experience? Should I go for that "Second childhood" so early into adulthood? I can say, with relative certainty, that if I do give road trip-dom another whack, it won't entail going with Trevor to see The Aquabats play their little songs in the heart of Mormon country...It'll be something much cooler...Something with a destination...Something that I'll remember (fondly) for years to come...With this thought fresh in my mind, I present to you an inspirational advertisement. If this ad doesn't get you in the mood for a road trip, check your pulse...You just may be dead, my friend...
clicky, you'll see it bigger
Hit the road, bitches!

So, compadres, there's now little doubt that I should be seeing you on the road (to nowhere) soon enough. Remember to pack a change of underthings, bring a cooler full of caffeinated beverages and pick a "road buddy" who'll gladly share the driving. THE OPEN ROAD SINGS IT'S SIREN'S SONG!..Any takers?

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