Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stop, Hey, What's That Sound?.. 

It is with a marked lack of fanfare that I have let this blog die. Additionally, despite going out on a celebrity interview high note, it would seem that I have unconsciously chosen to put the ol' awesomecasts to bed as well. To be honest, my indifference to taking time out of my day to write about my day began long before I was laid off in January. Hell, it'd been more than a year since I treated this site with enough respect to update it regularly. I simply have more important things to do than "blog." And yet, here I am. Blogging.

So how have you been? Myself, I've been alright. You see, it's almost June and June will mark 6 months that I have been without gainful employment. If anyone would have told me in January that I'd still be without full-time employment at this stage of the game, I'd have likely shat myself out of sheer, brain-melting worry. I never expected that unemployment would drag on this long, but I guess I also never could have forseen the definite indifference that potential employers have shown towards me. There was a time when I considered myself talented, even useful. I'm sad to say it, but that time has faded into memory. It's a cruel thing, being unemployed in a town that collectively seeks to devalue not only your industry but your wealth of experience in said industry. Days blend into weeks which blend into months and 5 months pass you by as you sit, day after day, slowly becoming an even more unemployable pile of whiskers and blubber. Just. Let. It. End. For God's sake, just let it end.

So anyhow, it's baseball season once again and I find myself part of the MSBL Colorado Springs Cardinals, a slightly souped-up version of last year's Cubs with a healthy chunk of the dead weight jettisoned and some great new additions in place. We had a great turnout for our first game, a game that we won rather convincingly given the zeitgeist of the team...Everyone was excited, everyone was on top of their game, the pitchers pitched, the fielders fielded, the batters batted. Oh, what a sight that was for sore eyes. And then...Well, since then we haven't exactly been able to recapture that same magic. In fact, in the three games which have followed that first game, the Cards have literally had their asses handed to them. Or us. Or whatever. Short story: we have yet to win a game other than that first one. But it's still fun. Except my batting average sucks a big one compared to last year. Need to hit the cages some more...Anyone have some spare change?

So my on again off again relationship with the ol' Pub Quiz seems to be back on. Oh, right, I never mentioned that the Oscar's quiz was given over to another Quizmaster after a month. Jesus, I should update this thing more often...Anyhow, despite this setback, it looks like I'll be taking over the quiz duties at Porky's Beach Bar indefinitely. The quiz is on Thursdays, come see me. The burgers really are great at Porky's and holy crap, you could win prizes.

Max is growing exponentially and learning new things everyday. And he talks with his hands. HE'S ALSO THE CUTEST BABY EVER:

Hey! Look! A truck MADE OF HAM:

Anyway...I can't think of much else to post here, especially given the low number of warm bodies who will actually set eyes on it. Freak Train is coming up very soon. I should have stunning video of it as long as key people don't flake out on me. Anyhow, enough of this...It's time for bed. As always, thanks for stopping by...You kids have a phenomenal 3rd quarter now...

OH YEAH, I forgot to mention that I did something both handy and manly over the weekend. I built and installed a new gate. Seems the old post had rotted away and the old gate was kind of crap so I built a new one. That went off with only one instance of mild electrocution (I blame the age of the circular saw). I then set to the task of removing the old post (anchored by 3 feet of concrete that I had to dig up). As was my suspicion, the post was weak. So weak, in fact, that it snapped off in my meaty hands well before I had enough concrete exposed. While trying to loosen said concrete, I inadvertantly drove two rusty nails into my calf. It bled. I had to get a tetanus shot. Kudos to the wife, too, she suggested I use my truck to pull the concrete out and it frickin' worked. Anyhow, yeah. I built something. And it's level. And I only almost killed myself. That is all.

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