Monday, March 31, 2008

Max-Popular for Dogs, Not So Much For Real Boys... 

while typing this, a feature came on the local news which showed "Max" as the top name of 2008...FOR DOGS. FOR. MALE. DOGS. Oh well. He won't know. Right?

Yeah, I know. No podcasts, no witty observations, no tales of anything that may or may not be going on in my relatively uneventful life, just more pictures of the kid. Indeed, since this is what I've become, I give you more images of my spawn...
click-them get big

Happy Easter 2008
This was our Easter picture. Max liked being in a tie about as much as his dad and yeah, these outfits were on for a grand total of MAYBE 10 minutes. How did we get Max to smile? Magic. Additionally: Voodoo. Happy Easter.

I hate wearing a damn tie
See? I told you. He hates that damn suit. I couldn't pass it up when I saw it in the store, though. One time use...But hey, he looks sharp.

close the door. Sit down.
Yes, thank you for coming. Close the door please. This is hard for me to say, but the organization has decided to go in a different direction. Yes, I'm sorry. You are fired.

o hai. i can has breastmilk?
O hai. I can has breastmilk? Max is more and more aware every day, looking around and seeing what he can see. If you believe the prevailing research, what he can see at this point is likely "fuzzy" and also "not much."

it's been a long day. Let's just rest, ok?
every now and then the boy is calm enough that we can recline together. I should probably make the most of this time (you know, when Max fits easily in one of my meaty hamhocks) but he doesn't like being in this position much. That or he just spits up on me. God, that sucks when he does that. Hey, we don't call him "Sour Milk Boy" for nothing. That and "Shitfoot," but that's an entirely different tale for an entirely different time...

So there you go. More pictures of the kid. Certainly there are more to come as far as that goes. Additionally, I'm going to try and find some time soon to get the ol' awesomecast back on track...Maybe. Until then, thanks for stopping by. You kids have a fine April now...

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