Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hey! You! You know that former big-time DJ that I have a penchant for interviewing multiple times? Yeah, M. Dung. That guy. Well, he's been nominated as a candidate for the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame. Look, it's not the radio hall of fame or the rock n' roll hall of fame, but it's a start...Anyhow, here's the deal, I'd like to do this Chicago style if we can. If you're reading this, go vote for Dung early and often...Thank you.


On the Baby Max front, no news to report. Still waiting for him to crawl out of my wife and join the world. At her last appointment (this past Tuesday, to be exact) she was told that she's currently 3-4 centimeters and the ol' cervix is 70% effaced. This combined with ambiguous contractions that just aren't close enough mean that while we are on high alert (the Max Level is at Orange), it's a waiting game that I'm becoming slightly impatient with. She's considered "term" so he could be born at any time and the doctors won't consider him premature but, even though we've thought it was damn near time more than once, it ain't been time. Officially the due date is March 6. Unofficially, people at work are rooting for February 29. Selfishly, I'd just like the stubborn little fella' to get it over with.


I can't recall if I mentioned that the State of Colorado officially approved my vanity license plate. Anyway, the state approved my vanity license plate. According to their production estimate, "I.R. SLO" should be affixed to my vehicle sometime in late March or Early April. While I wait for Johnny Convict to stamp 'em out, though, I have some nonsensical "standard-issue" plates which currently reside in my glove compartment...Oh, I'd go to the trouble and put them on my vehicle but I have until the 26th to do so and I'm hoping against hope that the good ones come in sooner than expected and I never have to have the standard ones. I'm running out of time on that one, thoguh...I'm such a loser...


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