Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Awesomecast Episode 81 - Funtime With Dung and Ta... 

This week's episode is one of the 45-50 minute varieties AND is geared toward a very specific audience. See, there are a lot of fans of former big-time DJ M. Dung out there (I know from all the search hits I get from people looking for him). As such, even though he always says that he doesn't have anything interesting to say, this is the 3rd time that he's been gracious enough to allow me an interview...This one is a bit special, though, as we detour for about 6 minutes and speak with good friend of Dung Lee Harris, also known as "Ta," about the meanings behind "eye" and "away," two of the expressions that Dung used liberally while on the air. Collin is M.I.A. for this episode so Justin does his level best to fill in...Hell, that's way more than enough rambling from me, go ahead - clicky to listen...
M. Dung Interview - Part 3...The rise of Ta

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