Wednesday, November 28, 2007

O Hai...No Cast 2day...Lolkthxbye... 

So hey, kids, how are you all anyway? I'm fine, if not just a little busy. Indeed, it's been a rough week or so to find what we commonly call "the free time," what with Freak Train being on Monday and my truck crapping out and not wanting to start and then having to have my wife come pick me up and her getting into a traffic accident right outside the place I work.

Don't worry, it was minor, thank God...

But yeah, there's no 'cast this week. Shocker, I know. I will do my best to get the videos from Monday's Freak Train (Justin did another Mario Monologue and I did some standup from the top of my headmeats) up by Friday. Surely that'll keep you kids (who aren't merely getting here via Google image searches for "fart") coming back for more. Or not, hey, who knows.

I will let you all in on a wee project I started earlier today, though, by actually RESPONDING to one of them there spam emails which appear in all of our inboxes. I'll let you know how the back-and-forth with this numbnuts goes. Unless, of course, there turns out to be no back-and-forth, or there is and it's uneventful and lame, in which case I WON'T let you know. Either way, you'll figure it out.

So hey, as always and even though it was just to read this pathetic little electronic missive, I thank you kids for stopping by...You all have a fine Thursday now...

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