Friday, June 22, 2007

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday - BEETLEmania!.. 

Hey, kids! Welcome to that glorious day before the weekend known as Friday...It's certainly my great pleasure to welcome you all to this, the first Friday following the Summer Solstice, and also my great pleasure to offer you all a wee photoblog for your collective viewing pleasure. I'm sure that, given the fact that you're here (of all places), you must be quite ready for shit to start happening. Because of that fact, I shall dally with the typings no longer...ON WITH THE PICTURES!..
Click on 'em! Seriously, go ahead! They like it!

It's the 3rd place Colorado Springs Posse
Before we get into the real subject of today's photo display post, here is the group shot of the team which I went to Phoenix with at the end of last month. Yes, this is the Colorado Springs Posse...Yes, that's me in the middle in the goalie gear and yes, we had just lost to a team which we should've beaten and yes, we officially took third place. I'm faking the enthusiasm, in real life I was pissed...

it's our printer here at work
But enough of that crap, here's a wonderfully dim picture of the black-and-white HP printer which resides in the Art Department where I work. Observe the shallow tray to the right there...Hell, let's go in for a closer look, shall we?..

Hey, is that a bug?
Here's a better look at the printer there and the tray and...Hey, is that a BUG in the tray? What the Hell?..

Shit! It IS a Bug!
Well shit! It IS a bug! But what KIND of bug, you ask?..

But not just ANY bug - it's the North American Lint Beetle
IT'S THE NORTH AMERICAN LINT BEETLE, FOOL! Indeed, it seems that this hapless creature was able to gain entry into the tray at some point. The rounded edges of the tray's innards, however, caused the little fucker no end of trouble as it found itself trapped, unable to escape the tray's cruel confinement. To add insult to injury, a sizable lint ball adhered to the beetle's hind leg. There's really only one thought that goes through my mind when I see something like this..."It could be worse. I could be in THAT situation."

So that's that...Remember to stop back by later in the day, I'l update this post with video of the lint beetle (which we named "Pete Best") in all of it's lint-dragging glory. As always, though, thanks for stopping by...Have a fine weekend, kids...

**UPDATE** It's video time!..

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