Friday, April 13, 2007

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday - Estes Park Part 2... 

Hey, kids! Welcome to Friday. Much like last week, I'm about to show you nutcases some photographs which were snapped during our recent excursion to Estes Park. Unlike last week, the pictures that I'm about to share have nothing to do with The Stanley Hotel or famous ghost hunter guys...Instead, I'm about to thrill you with pictures taken exclusively at the condominium which we rented for the night at the Fawn Valley Inn...Since I'm sure that you're absolutely on the edge of your seat by now, the anticipation of picturey goodness damn near unbearable, I shall dally no longer...BRING ON THE PHOTOGRAPHS!..
click 'em! I dare ya!

Inside the condo, viewed from the kitchen
Here's a view of the right hand side of the condo as viewed from the kitchen area. Note the rustic furnishings and decor. Don't let it fool you, however...As can be noted by the mid-1980s floor registers, this place recently went through an as-yet-unfinished remodel. The exterior of the condo complex is still pure 1980s crap. Lucky for us we got to be on the inside which was cozy and inviting. Well, cozy and such except for that horrifying moose on the wall...

Inside the condo, LOOKING at the kitchen
And here is a view of the aforementioned kitchen area. New cabinets, new appliances and wonderful tile work. Also, that rocking chair was extremely comfortable.

Inside the condo - LOOK! A fireplace.
Killing two birds with one stone, we find the combination corner fireplace/entertainment center. Um...Yeah...Can't think of anything to say, witty or otherwise...Moving on...

Stepping Outside, here's the view from the deck
Stepping outside of the condo, here's the view from the deck. It's even more beautiful in person, seriously.

That's the Fall River as seen from the deck
Looking down from the deck, we see the Fall River and some freshly fallen snow. All in all, this was a fine spot to just sit and relax.

What else can you see on the deck? HOT TUB!
And speaking of relaxation ('cause we SO were), here's the hot tub which just so happened to be on the deck of the condo. As you can see, myself, my mom and my dad are all enjoying the heated bubbly water while my wife was busy snapping the picture. In retrospect, I'm not so sure that my dad is giving the peace sign as much as he's using the British equivalent of the ol' "up yours." Still, the hot tub, as the Teutuls would say. was a "nice detail."

Back inside, we see a view of...one of the bathrooms...for some reason.
Back inside, we have here a picture of...um...Well, of all things, one of the two bathrooms at the condo. As you can see, like the rest of the place, it was all done up in the rustic style. So yeah...Bathroom...Great...Moving on...

Here's quite possibly the tallest king bed EVER
Here's the bedroom where my parents stayed, complete with quite possibly the tallest king bed ever. Observe how it dwarfs the endtable next to it! Gargantuan, that bed...

ah, shit...It's snowing.
And finally, we end our tour of the condo by going outside to find that...Aww shit, it's snowing...Of course, the snow couldn't deter more trips to the hot tub, but the resultant drop in temperature did make the deck a slippery death-trap due to overflow from said hot tub. All in all, though, that condo there at the Fawn Valley Inn turned out to be a fine choice for an overnight stay in Estes Park, one that I certainly won't hesitate to make again.

So that's that. As always, thanks for stopping by, kids...You all have a fine weekend now...

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