Friday, April 06, 2007

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday - The Not-So-Spooky Stanley!.. 

Hey, kids! Welcome to the first Friday in a while wherein I'm not a complete slacker loser! Indeed, it is time for the triumphant return of the Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday! Today's photoblog is the first in a series of three which serves to illustrate scenes from our recent excursion to Estes Park. In particular, today's display of picturey goodness focuses on the Stanley Hotel, our first stop last Thursday. Ready? Good, here we go...
click on any one of the pictures to get a better view

Welcome to the Stanley Hotel
Welcome to the Stanley Hotel. Completed in...1907, I think, it stands as...um...Look, it's a neat place and it's rumored to be haunted. It also boasts a fine restaurant called The Cascades and really exorbitant room rates...Hey, let's go inside, huh?

Up them stairs awaits some ghostly shit...or not...
Inside the richly-appointed lobby of the Stanley, we see the main staircase which leads up to the guest rooms (and, conceivably, spooky shenanigans and ghostly goings-on). To the left there is the check-in desk and to the right is the elevator which was installed in 1908 and is still running today. ON THE POWER OF STOLEN SOULS!..Er...Heh...

Patrick Burns from Court TVs Haunting Evidence
As I mentioned, we were there at the exact same time as some sort of paranormal conference thing. As proof, I offer this shaky, blurry photograph of Patrick Burns (star of the Court TV program Haunting Evidence) conversing with an obese gentleman who is sporting the mutton chop look and a XXXXXL sport jacket. And "Husky" jeans. And...And...

Grant from the Sci Fi Channel program Ghost Hunters
Once again, much like pictures of the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, we have another shaky, blurry celebrity sighting photograph, this time depicting Grant Wilson, the shorter half of the Ghost Hunters from the Sci Fi Channel program of the same name. Apparently, Grant is seen here playing "cops n' robbers" with some chubby fellow who's boldly sporting a 1980s retro chapeau. To the right, Pat Burns observes the action with a strangely constipated expression.

Everybody Loves Raymond (while he's sleeping)
And as if those celebrity sightings weren't enough, we were also able to catch Ray Romano taking a little catnap in a chair by the fireplace. Click the picture to see a closer view of the narcolepsy.

One of them original Stanley Steamer vehicles
Inside the lobby of the Stanley Hotel is one of the original Stanley Steamer vehicles. Indeed, Mr. Stanley made his fortune off of these beauties before moving to the mountains of Colorado and erecting his famous hotel. Neat, isn't it?

Squee at the waterfall out back of the hotel
And we end today's photo display with a shot of my wife hanging out on front of the waterfall which adorns the courtyard behind the hotel. All in all, I have to say that the Stanley Hotel, and Estes Park as a whole, is not lacking in the aesthetics department. Quite the beautiful place...

Well, that's that...As always, thanks for stopping by...You kids have a fine weekend now...

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