Thursday, April 26, 2007

Illustration Friday on Thursday - Polar Opposites... 

Hey, wow...It's effin' Thursday all of a sudden. For me, this day before the final day of the workweek came around in a stealthier manner than usual 'cause I was home sick and fixin' to die yesterday. As such, I wasn't really up for doing a full-blown illustration for this week's Illustration Friday theme word (which was "polar") EVEN THOUGH I had wanted to real bad since it was suggested by the only person whom I've ever purchased art from in my life (Jared Von Hindman). Anyway, I did have a flash of inspiration this morning and was able to slap the following together for your collective viewing enjoyment:
click it! It'll get BIG!
My money's on the Eskimo. Them motherfuckers is CRAFTY!
So there you go. As always, thanks for stopping by. You kids have a fine Thursday now...

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