Thursday, February 01, 2007

Illustration Friday on Thursday - Better Red Than...No, Wait... 

Hey, kids, look-a-here, it's Thursday! Of course, what this means is that (since I actually have my proverbial "shit" together) I'm about to show you all my usual, half-assed effort at this week's Illustration Friday topic (which happened to be "red," by the by). I decided to take a cue from what I had done for Buzz a couple weeks back and depict a fella' who is from a simpler time when nicknames were not only descriptive (Lefty, Stinky, Swede) but also pretty damn uncreative. As such, prepare to meet "Big Red."
click on him, his already impressive girth will expand to epic proportions
Hey there, Red!
See, Red's real name has long been forgotten due to his bright shaggy red locks. Since his childhood, he's been called "Red" and now that he's an adult and drives truck for a local hardware store, folks have taken to calling him "Big Red," a nickname that he doesn't altogether hate since it's decidedly better than being called "Hey, Fat Ass!"

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