Thursday, January 11, 2007

Illustration Friday on Thursday - BUZZ!.. 

Look, I know that it's been many a Thursday since I had either the time or inclination to participate in an Illustration Friday topic. Truth be told, I've been not only busy but slightly uninspired recently to do any drawin' outside of the drawin' that I get paid for. Today, however, all that has changed as I am ready to unveil my half-assed effort at illustrating the word "buzz." You ready? Here we go:
click him, he'll get all big n' stuff
Today, we're going to run laps.
The topic "buzz" made me think of an old-school gym coach. You know the kind, with the buzz-cut hairdo (For some reason, everytime I draw someone who sports such a hairdo, I am COMPELLED to draw a small lawnmower on the top of it. It's like a disease). See, this person would have hailed from a time when nicknames were not only prevalent, but mostly uncreative. Like "Red" or "Swede" or "Lefty" (or "Stinky"). This individual, not having red hair nor being Swedish, would've certainly received the moniker of "Buzz" from his (sadly uncreative) pals. He would then be known as "Coach Buzz" by his unfortunate pupils and his classes would mostly consist of "running laps" intermingled with the occasional calisthenic. So that's all for today. Thanks for stopping by - you have a fine Thursday now.

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