Friday, October 27, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday - Gettin' All Halloweeny!.. 

You've heard the rumors. You've caught wind of a legendary display of pictures which happens only once per week. You've been told stories of a magical land on the internets where you are treated to displays of photographic goodness SO RANDOM that you can barely maintain control over your faculties. You've also probably scoffed at said stories, not believing them for lack of "evidence." WELL SCOFF NO MORE, YOU DIRTY SKEPTICS! THE PHRICKIN' PHOTOBLOG IS BACK (and, oh by the way, it's bad).

In honor of the impending All Hallow's Eve Holiday, I'm going to show you crazy kids the photographic record of that party that I mentioned earlier in the week. You are no doubt salivating in anticipation by now, so I shall delay no longer. ON WITH THE PHOTOS!
click on 'em. No, really, go ahead. They like it when you click on them, they swell with excitement, even...

Is that Judy Jetson? NO! It's...um...'Punkin' spice'...or something
So here's my wife, posing prior to going to the party. She's trying to duplicate the pose of the model on the package that her costume came in. I think she should have looked a bit more "in distress" to pull it off, but in the end it was really no matter...Everyone thought she was Judy Jetson...

The Spooky Voodoo Guy (at home in his country kitchen)
And here I am, the spooky voodedoo/undead magician guy/person in makeup and a cape being all menacing...In his kitchen. Yep, nothing spooky about being in the kitchen. However, the skull walking stick...not sure if you can see that, but that's pretty awesome...

Damn right, I'm scary
And here is PROOF of exactly how menacing (also: spooky) I am. That, kids, is a MAJOR AWARD! That's the ribbon which was bestowed upon yours truly for being the spookiest person in costume at that party we went to. Neat, huh?

Here's the hostess of the party
And speaking of the party (we were), here's the hostess of the party who's name (Jen) shall remain unsaid (no, really: it's Jen). Hostess girl (Jen) and her husband (Jen's husband) put on quite the party and had their house decorated up all spooky n' shit. Case in point, see the dead blue boy there on the wall behind the hostess (Jen)? It was cool.

Aaaaand here's her husband...
And speaking of the hostess' (Jen's) husband (oh, we were), here he is (dressed as a pretty convincing Captain Jack Sparrow) um..."Feeling up" the dirty old man while Billy Graham turns a blind eye to such obvious displays of sin (also: latent homosexuality).

The two punkins meet to discuss world domination. or at least winning jack-o-lantern contests.
There's my wife on the left and my sister, dressed as an actual punkin, on the right. Not much else to say, really...Just two pumpkins plotting world domination and drinking cheap booze. Yep. Nothing much else to say...

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, minus the lion.
So that's Jessica on the left and Jeannie on the right. Jessica is dressed as (surprise) a witch and Jeannie is "dirty laundry." It's not obvious from this picture, but Jeannie had a laundry basket around her midsection full of...stuff. Sadly, one of those things was NOT a stuffed lion, or these two could've been the lion, the witch and the wardrobe.

Those glittery horns? not fake.
Here's our old buddy Collin with my sister. Like I said earlier in the week, Collin BARELY dressed for the occasion with a smarmy t-shirt. The glittery horns? Not part of a costume, they're just normally hidden by Collin's unruly mop of hair.

Walter Hagan (dead) Meets Kim Jong Il (not dead yet)
And finally, here we see the unlikely meeting between dead golfer Walter Hagan and (currently living) Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. Hagan seems quite amused by Kim Jong's glasses and surly disposition while the dictator really wasn't amused at all. by anything. I guess we're just lucky that he didn't "launch his missle" at the party, we'd all have been a little screwed...

So there you all are, a peek into the big Halloween party which I was actually invited to and actually attended last weekend. As always, thanks for stopping by...You all have a fine weekend now...

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