Thursday, August 03, 2006

Illustration Friday on Thursday - Clean Up That Mess!.. 

Oh man...Is it Thursday Already? Wow. Damn. I totally didn't have the time this week to even bang out a quick, crappy sketch for Illustration Friday (big time theme word "clean"). Not one to be totally left out, though, I was able to pull a couple (that's right, kids, you get a rare "two-fer" from me today) of "old" things which fit the theme and that I am prepared to share. We'll start with a little image that depicts the aftermath, if you will, of a special Halloween header I whipped up a couple of years ago. Hell, there was "blood" everywhere and this (very special) header thing (which was likely viewable only on All Saints Day) depicts the "cleanup" from that...
click to see it bigger
aww man...What a mess.
And, secondly (that IS a word, by the way) we have a page full of "janitors" which I had drawn for a "clean sweep" or "Spring cleaning" campaign (I can't really remember which). Here you can see that, out of the 5 sweeper fellas which I saw fit to sketch out, only one "made the cut" and got all "finished" and was subsequently used in whatever ad I was doing at the time...
again, click it, it grows.
Now gets to sweepin'!
So there you have it...As always, thanks for stopping by, you all have fine Thursdays (collectively)...

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