Thursday, April 27, 2006

Illustration Friday on Thursday - Do The Robot!.. 

Well, lookie there! Wednesday just seemed to come and go (shut UP, it DID) without fanfare of any kind (seriously, shut UP) and (holy crap), It's "Thursday" all of a sudden! Of course, this can only mean that I'm about to unsheath my latest Illustration Friday offering. This week's theme was "robot" which proved fortuitous because, ha HA, I already HAD some robots drawn (which may not be something I should admit around Collin). Anyhow, having taken the robot which I had already sketched out (and some other stuff), assembling it and finishing it up some, I am now proud to be able to present to you all: the dancing robot.
click firmly on the dancing robot to see the larger dancing robot...
Dance, you damn tin-assed bastard! DANCE!
So there ye be: a dancing robot and (presumably) the (mad) scientist which assembled him. We can only assume that, in the near future, the robot shall tire of his master's commands and turn on him, dancing the poor man to shreds and, subsequently, dancing on the remote which controls him in a vain attempt to destroy it and be free. Of course, were the robot to do that, it would only turn him into some sort of spastic Riverdance robot and hilarity would, in fact, ensue...

Somedays, the robot just can't win...

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