Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Big Audio Wednesday-You IDIOT!.. 

Ahh, for the simplicity of "the good old days" back when gas was cheap, the air smelled good and people could actually be classified and/or certified as an "idiot." Granted, I can't actually REMEMBER these "old days," but I have heard tell of old-timey scales of intelligence that actually featured measurable and assignable "levels o' smartness" which included "moron," "idiot" and "imbecile." So see? If your great-grandfather perhaps uttered the phrase "you can't marry that boy: he's an idiot" to your grandmother, he may have actually had paperwork to support his assertion...


One of the reasons that I bring this up is that my sister, for the past few years, has been absolutely silly with the genealogy stuff. A couple of weeks ago, when we went to see the Avalanche play the Stars, she brought up that she had found some early-part-of-the-century census forms and, even though the idiot wasn't in OUR family tree (God forbid) there were actual "idiots" listed in that particular county's census. While this fact gave her motivation to try and ferret out the idiots in OUR family tree, it gave me an idea for an audio entry which, because it IS "big audio Wednesday," I will share with you all...now:
click here for the sounds, baby!
So there's that...You all have a fine and productive Wednesday which should be easy as long as all of those "imbeciles" you work with could leave you alone and let you get some "stuff" done for once...Heh...

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