Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Big Audio Wednesday-Failing For Fun & Profit... 

And so, we find ourselves at "Wednesday," the day which promises that my garbage will be carted off by those guys and their "big truck" and also that I'll toss a substandard audio entry towards you good people...You know, I'd love nothing more than to present something so friggin' awesome today that it'd MORE THAN make up for me being a weak-ass slacker and not having anything to share last week but, sadly, last week's "non-audio entry" may turn out to be better than what I do have for you today...

Regardless, lets get to it, shall we?

Today's entry is an advertisement for a fictional institution which can help you "fail your way to the top" as so many top level executives seem to be doing these days. Granted, lying on one's resume is nothing new - it's seems to be a widespread and time-honored practice - but most companies don't take too kindly once they figure out the ruse...Anyhow, enough of that crap...Just take a listen:
click here for the sounds, baby!
So there's that...In all fairness, today's entry was just as much an excuse to record myself doing a half-assed British accent as anything. Regardless, you all have a fine hump day, filled with the joy that only productive failure and massive severance packages could bring...

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