Friday, January 27, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-Meet The Angellos!.. 

Well, wouldya look at that...It's Friday all of a sudden! Isn't it funny how the end of the week can just sneak all up on you and give you a wet willie or something and all you can do is point and laugh (while you're trying to dry your ear) and say "you got me" over and over 'cause you just didn't see it comin'?

Is it just me?..

Anyhow, kids, with that said, you know what time it is...WHAT TIME IS IT!? Damn right, it's PHRICKIN' PHOTOBLOG TIME! (fanfare, fireworks, clowns)...Today's photoblog is a relatively short one, but sometimes, it's ok to be short on content...example: the time where you just didn't take as many photos as you had expected 'cause you got "preoccupied"...Regardless, with today's Photoblog offering, I chronicle our lunch last week with Pat Angello and his wife at Fargo's Pizza Palace here in town...Now, I could give you "backstory" as to what the two of them were doing "in our hood," so to speak, but that would just be me rambling and typing in run-on sentences and why should I do any more of THAT than is necessary and you could read that sort of thing on Pat's Blog here anyway...I waste no more precious time...ON WITH THE PICTURING!..
clicky, they get HUGE.

See THAT Fuckin' Guy?
Ok, so this picture was taken as my wife and I were driving toward Fargo's, traveling west on Platte avenue...It was such a clear day that my wife wanted to see if she could capture a postcard-esque shot of the ol' Peak there from the passenger seat of our VUE. Unfortunately for the postcardings, the camera didn't quite respond until the view was marred by power lines. As it turns out, though, that is "neither here nor there," since I now wish to direct your attention away from the large, majestic pile of granite in the center of the photo and place it squarely on the fucking bum gentleman standing on the side of the road on the bottom left (I've subtly marked his location to assist you). So you see that fuckin' guy? You also see the speed limit sign (also subtly marked)? Yeah, I'm like...driving...you know, "moving." The blue line represents where I'm going ('cause I have the "right-of-way"). RIGHT AFTER THE PICTURE WAS SNAPPED, and I mean RIGHT after, that friggin' lunatic started off (following his conveniently dotted red arrow line) across the street. The yellow "x" represents where he DECIDED TO JUST STOP and SAUNTER the last few feet with me barreling toward him at untold speeds (maybe 35 mph, maybe not)...Seriously, if not for the courage of the fearless VUE crew, that bastard would've been lost...I still don't know how I avoided flattening his dumb ass...Anyhow...

anticipation so thick, you could cut it with a knife
Not long after our adventure playing the previously outlined (rousing) game of "dodge the bum," my wife and I pulled into the parking lot at Fargo's...My sister Heather and Collin, ever the punctual sorts, were already waiting in the (luxuriously appoited) foyer at Fargo's, literally on the edge of their collective seats, in fervent anticipation of the impending meeting with the aforementioned Angellos...Observe how nearly giddy Collin appears! He's like a kid at Christmas, that guy...

Stupid bear statue
Having made what amounted to "dead man's time" in getting to the restaurant, we were a "wee bit early." As such, I decided to take some pictures around the Fargo's Foyer (say that 3 times fast...SAY IT!) so that all you crazy kids could get a feel for the place. Sadly, I became bored with that task after only 2 pictures. Here, though, we see the first picture (of two), a poor one at best that depicts a bear sculpture which has been in the restaurant for as long as I can remember...

Oooh, pretty.
And the second of two...Here we see the intricate (also: beautiful) stained glass window which adorns the front section of the foyer. Flanking the window are framed items which tout it's historical significance or the fact that it's like, made from a metric shitload of glass pieces...Yeah yeah, blah blah blah...We ain't here to see no friggin' bears or windows...We're here to see Pat and Katy...Bring on them Angellos!..C'mon, say it with me! WE WANT PAT! WE WANT PAT!..Ok, that even looks weird typed...Quit chanting...

Hey, everybody! It's the ANGELLOS!
Heyyy, ask and ye shall receive! Yes, kids, it's time to play everyone's favorite game show: Meet the Angellos! That there is Katy on the left with the death grip on Pat (the fella' on the right). Here, sadly, is where the pictures cease for that day...The ceasing probably has a lot to do with the fact that the six of us jibber-jabbered for no less than like...a few hours whilst we enjoyed pizza and salads...There was no time for the snapping of photographs...The Angellos were extremely nice people and great company and it was a pleasure to have lunch with them...Thanks, Pat and Katy!..

So that's that, kids. You all have a fine weekend now and stay out of "the trouble."

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