Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hey, Kids! It's Illustration Friday THURSDAY!.. 

So, before going home "with the sickies" yesterday, Collin pointed me to this site here...Go ahead, check it out...It opens in a new window...No, no...it's ok, I'll wait right here...

doo dee doo...

Ah, good...You're back. So yeah, "Illustration Friday." Interesting little concept there...I was intrigued by that and immediately wished to toss my "hat in the ring," so to speak...Of course, considering that I already do a regular Friday thing here (the nearly award-winning Phrickin' Photoblog, in case you'd forgotten) I shall be participating in Illustration Friday on Thursdays...Or, whichever day that I see fit...Anyhow, this week's topic was "imagine" and so I present to you my fledgling Illustration Friday offering:
clickies, it gets bigger
So there's that, kids: I'm now unique, just like the other 500-or-so folks who participate in this thing...It should be fun, maybe I'll get all Collin on you guys and start using different drawing styles and techniques. I hear tell that he'll be doing this and so will Justin...YOU SHOULD TOO! Have the fun with it...Why? Because I said to...That should be enough...

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